About Us

Eagle Health Solutions is a Saladmaster Authorised Dealership. At Eagle Health Solutions, we help you to look better, live better and live longer by eliminating grease, fats and oils from your diet through maximising the nutrition in the meals you cook. We also help to cut your kitchen time in half, save on your food bills and reduce your gas and electricity expenses.

Saladmaster started in the USA in 1946 and we have over 65 years experience in health and nutrition. The company is expanding rapidly and we are now in over 40 countries worldwide. With Saladmaster you only invest once in your health and the health of your family. Our customers tell us one of the things they like best about our products is the Lifetime Warranty. Look here at http://roulette-en-ligne.ca/

To book for a free, no obligation dinner or to find out more about how you could host a dinner to receive from a wide range of free Saladmaster gifts (please note gifts program available for customers only) see our Book a Dinner page.